Google ranking dropped dramatically? Here are why..

Here are 5 Biggest Reasons for  Sudden Rank Drop

We see it almost daily, people wonder why their website lost rankings overnight. Here are a few thoughts about it;

reasons for drop in Ranking

1️⃣ Check your filters and make sure you measure the right metrics.

Google Search Console for example gets traffic from different countries. Especially traffic from India can sometimes lead to skewed graphs/results.

2️⃣ Google has penalized you

In that case Google Search Console will tell you what´s wrong with your site. The following points could be the reason for the penalty: Your site got hacked, one of your (shady) methods to rank higher has been detected, links lead to malware, some pages redirect users to unrelated content.

3️⃣ Google changed their Algorithm or tested beta products.

A sudden rank drop from one of Google´s changes is a very common event and not as surprisingly as most people might think.

4️⃣ Your competitors start to overtake you.

You can avoid sudden rank drops by continuously checking your competitors´ online activities. The online world never stands still.

5️⃣ You lost some backlinks.

reasons for drop in Ranking

It´s not a very common problem but if it happens, it could lead to a major rank drop. It basically tells Google that the website that linked to your page doesn’t perceive your page as valuable anymore. So make sure to have a well-marked link building strategy. What I primarily mean by link building is starting relationships with other business in your area or niche/industry. A cooperation is the most powerful way to rank your website higher, especially when it comes to local SEO.

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