How to create best SEO content

  • Target Keywords

These are key terms and phrases for which your audience niche is actively searching. Your SEO content won’t reach the right people if you fail to optimize it with targeted keywords.

Find relevant, profitable keywords that relate to your expertise, your products/services, and your audience’s search intent.

  • Focus on Readability

SEO content that shoots to the top so when your audience clicks your link, every single element on the page makes them want to stay and read it.

And, when your content is understandable to more people, more people will stay longer, which will help your Google rankings.

  • Go Deeper in Your Content

A big SEO trend for 2019 is creating content that goes deeper and farther into a topic.

For deeper content you need:

  • Write long-form blog posts (2,000 words or more.)
  • Explore topics that have many different facets and angles.
  • Write ultimate guides.
  • Go further than surface-level research.
  • Speed

Help your pages and content fully load and display faster. The slower your page speed, the more frustrated you’ll make your users.

To improve your page speed, check out How to Improve Page Speed for More Traffic & Conversions.

  • Invest in Visuals

Your content will look more cohesive, professional, and authoritative with the right images, so it’s a good idea to invest in them for better SEO.

  • Provide the Facts

This means those who do provide supporting facts, sources, and data in their content will easily differentiate themselves for the better.

Research is the key for a trustworthy SEO content

  • Format Content

These little blocks of information may show up on a results page when a user asks a question, according to Google. They get the first spot at the tip top of the page – a hugely desirable place to be.

To increase your content getting “snipped” for a featured snippet, there are a few tactics you can try:

  • Answer questions definitively in your content.
  • Make your content the highest quality possible.
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists.
  • Include stats and data.
  • Structure your content logically.
  • Be the Expert

Google is valuing authority/expert authorship in content more than ever before.

To this end, including an About page on your website, as well as author bio pages for your blog, are essential for reputation-building.

Create bios for all of your guest-blogging opportunities, as well.

  • Original Research

If you can include fresh statistics, studies, information, and research in your pieces, you’ll be throwing out tons of opportunities for other websites to link to you and cite your findings, not to mention incredible value for your industry and audience.

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