How to Get Approval For Google Adsense

Before signing  for Adsense Account here is what you must do:
  1. Buy and use a custom domain name, e.g. 
  2. Create a domain specific email address, e.g [email protected]
  3. Add legal pages like About, Contact, Privacy
  4. Ensure you use a clean easy design.
  5. Do not use other ads
  6. Have  upto 15  good blog posts with unique written content
  7. Ensure you don’t use any copyright images or text
  8. Make sure that you have at least 100 qualified visitors a day
  9. Do not buy traffic
  10. Ensure  you comply  and follow all of the Google AdSense guidelines

Once you have the above, you can sign up for Google AdSense approval.

How to Get Approval For Google Adsense

Here is the process:

  • Step 1

Register for a Google AdSense account by going to signup for Google AdSense

  •  Step 2

Provide all the correct information about your Name, Address, and Website URL.

  • Step 3

Login to AdSense account, creates AdSense codes. Place the codes in your blog sidebar.

  • Step 4

Ads will shows as blank until final approval process doesn’t finish. It may take up to 2 weeks for approval. Make sure you don’t remove the ads.

  • Step 5

After the final AdSense approval, you will get a confirmation email.

  • Step 5

Once your AdSense earning reaches $10, AdSense will mail you a PIN to your address.

  • Step 6

Login to your AdSense account, and enter the Pin once you receive it.

  • Step 7

Congrats you have completed all the steps. Once your account reaches $100, Google will send you or wire your earning. I recommend you to enable  Western Union Payment Method.

You can also have direct bank transfer for AdSense payments.


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