How To Make Money With a Website Without Selling Anything

The world has gone digital, and the ways of making money has also gone digital.

Many people are beginning to carve their own personal space on the internet. There is a need for businesses or private individuals who feel they have goods or services to either sell or information to give to have a real estate property, online.

While in the past having physical lands were a must, the space for ownership has shifted. It has gone online.

Thinking of making money on your website selling stuff?   This article will show you what you need to know to get started.

Make Money With a Website

You don’t need to be some ‘marketing guru’ or ‘tech wiz’ to make money with a website.

But there are some fundamental steps you need to take and it will require a healthy amount of time and effort to get results. I’ve broken it down into three main steps…

The audience would either make us money or make us money.

The key therefore is growing our audience base through our consistent postings, which would culminate in daily and monthly visitors  that we can leverage on, using the following methods:

Making Money Using Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a popular way of monetizing a website.

The way it works is simple. Sign up for a free Adsense account and (once accepted) paste the ad code into your website where you want the ads to appear. This could be in your sidebar, within or below the content, or wherever makes sense.

This is a program ran by google that makes it possible for ads placed on Google to be displayed on your website regularly. They amount of money a website owner uses paid varies, depending on the keywords on your website or webpage. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

This is how it works. There is a banner or text based advert, created by google AdWords, that is displayed on a person’s blog or website. These banners and adverts are generated from Google and displayed on websites whose contents are in line with the advert. The amount paid to websites for these clicks vary with adverts and with Keywords usage on a website or webpage. A website owner can earn thousand of dollars from Google AdSense monthly if the website has thousands of website visitors/ website traffic

Making Money Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other companies products for a commission.

You do not own any products yourself, or have any dealings with customers. You are essentially the ‘middle person’ between the customer and vendor. This is much simpler than trying to sell your own products, yet just as profitable.

You could argue that this is technically ‘selling stuff’, but I would argue otherwise.

Apart from the obvious differences, the way you promote is notably different. As an affiliate, your goal is NOT to sell anything. It’s to help your audience find relevant products they’ll love.

It’s why affiliate marketing with a website can work extremely well.

The  process:   relevant traffic => relevant content (trust built) => relevant offer => earn commissions

There are millions of products you can promote online in just about every niche you could think of.

All you need to do is sign up with an affiliate program that is right for your site.

How much money you make depends on how well you execute the process.

Making Money Using  Building an Email list

Email marketers and digital marketers say that a mailing list is the most important piece in the online marketing puzzle. An email list grants the marketer the right map to the customers house, and with the right newsletter and copy, they can unlock the doors of the customers pocket every time. The beauty of a mailing list is that you do not have to ask directly for them.

The idea is simply to create a capture page that collects a persons email address. The visitor gives you their email address in return for something of value. This can be anything from access to more exclusive content, an ebook, video course or anything that makes sense for your site.

Once you have people on your email list, you can offer them value and promoting relevant products long after they leave your website. This can be a very effective money making strategy in and of itself, let alone in conjunction with a website.

How do you make it happen?

When you already have a steady flow of targeted traffic coming to your website, building an email list is simple.

Setup the capture page and/ or optin form on your site once, and that’s it.

Some companies pay for these lists from websites owners. Knowing that my customer base might be interested in their products, some companies can approach me, requesting to buy my mailing lists so they too can market to my audience. This is another way of making money from your website without selling anything, directly.

Making Money Using  Online Courses/Training program

One of the pecks of producing good content to an audience is that I soon become a master in that field. And one they can trust. When I have regularly provided them with amazing and worthy content, they soon trust me enough to believe I have a deeper knowledge on the said topic; and they would be more willing to part with their money for a “master Class” with me.

It could be a webinar or a book that I have created especially for them, to help them solve a specific problem and gain deeper insights into a Specific topic. The Email list that I must have built on my website gains traffic and the freebies I have offered over time would come in handy in sending reminder mails to these loyal audience of mine.

Please beware, there would not always be a very high conversion rate with this method. Actually, the conversion rate – the rate of people sent letters and notified about a book or a training compared with those who bought the books or who partake in the paid Online training – can be as low as 10%. That is why a large mailing lists and a consistent content delivery system is of utmost importance.

When they believe we are not entirely about making sales but about adding value, their emotional triggers are worked up, making them more willing to part with their cash, believing that they have received and that it is their time to give back, to get even more knowledge. It is what Gary Vaynerchuk calls the jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, right hook – give, give, give, give, then ask.

Making Money Using Sponsored Posts

This involves having companies or business whose services or products are related to the knowledge we share with our audience pay us to share their articles on our website.

This could be in the form of a product review done by us or an article written or recorded by the said business. These sponsored posts are faster ways to make money from our website without selling anything. Using our massive audience, these companies use our medium to reach their potential customers. We hold the rights to define what kind of content would be put up on our website.

It has become our private building open for public business, after all. So it is imperative that we only allow sponsored posts which works have the #nofollow tag after it so that our audience know it is a paid-for post. If the Post is however similar with what the website already does, then it is a win-win for both parties. It is important we regulate the posts we put up so as not to lose our loyal audience.

The beauty of sponsored posts is that if the approaching business are given to content as a means of marketing, they would gain the trust of your loyal audience as well as those of other websites.

Making Money Using  Offer Consulting Services

An offshoot of quality content is having an in depth knowledge of a chosen niche. Consulting is the selling of information to people and business who are either too busy to look for it or not skilled in such.

Having answered the questions of our audience and getting them to become subscribers and loyalists for an extended period, we soon become a thought leader in that field. With this given knowledge, we can become a knowledge bridge for those who want this knowledge and are willing to pay heavily for it. We can advertise our consulting service on our website, taking advantage of our audience.

This has proven to be the case with most thought leaders. They sometimes send proposals to companies who need their knowledge expertise, designing a class or a course for them.


There are many ways by which websites can be monetized without necessarily selling anything or having an e-commerce platform. The most important ingredient still remains content.


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