Sitelinks : How to Get Sitelinks in Google Search Results



5 Tips on How To Get Sitelinks On the  Google Search

(1) Utilize the Meta Title Tag of Your Website Well

The meta title tag is the name of your website’s page and this is the top line of search results on search engines like Google.

You can fill this line with up to 70 characters so use it wisely.

  • Always include your UNIQUE brand name
  • Add a tagline or what you do
  • DO NOT keyword stuff.

    (2) Make Sure Your Website Navigation Is Clear

    It sounds simple, and it is  but if you don’t have a great main menu, it makes it challenging for your audience and Google to understand the order of your website.

    But that’s not all. If you go within my categories, you’ll see that my site structure is very organized. E.g. My Business Category has Blogging, SEO and Social Media.

    If someone is looking for blogging tips, Google reads this as:  Home Page > Business > Blogging

    (3) Sign up For Google Search Console & Submit A sitemap.xml File

    I mentioned the importance of Google Analytics before but you also should get on Google Search Console .

This FREE tool helps you measure your website traffic and performance!

To add your website and sitemap.xml to Google Search Console, follow the steps here

(4) Be Strategic In Naming Your Pages

The same strategy that I mentioned in tip no.1, apply to ALL of your website pages.

If your page is About – Call it That!
If your page is where people can Shop – Call it ‘Shop’ or ‘Store’

Always make sure your page title matches what’s on the page.

That’s how Google understands it’s relevance and sees consistency!

Remember what I always say in my SEO tips – Search Engines LOVE consistency.

(5) Use Internal Links In Your Content

One of the benefits of text blog posts & website pages is that you can link to other posts you’ve written.

These hyperlinks are called internal links!


In every post, that I write, I link to one or two of my own posts.

This practice helps highlight the pages YOU think are important to search engines, especially Google!

Not to mention it helps increase traffic to other pages on your site.

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