What is Digital Marketing

The word ‘’Digital’’ is associated with ‘’internet’’ and ‘’online-based digital technologies’’ and the word ‘’Marketing’’ is associated with ‘’Promotion and advertising’’. So, digital marketing means the advertisement and promotion of a business’s service and products through the internet and online base digital technology sources.

Online based digital technologies are mobile phones, computers and other digital platforms. Digital marketing is the easiest way to promote a brand’s service or product because you don’t need to go to shops as you can do it online.

Most of the business owners pay digital marketing sources to promote their products which include social media, email or search engines.

For example,

Have you ever seen an advertisement for a clothing or shoe brand while using Facebook, Instagram? Or have you got any email related to some promotion of business-may be selling online courses? That’s exactly what we call is digital marketing. Those online courses, clothing or shoe advertisement through email, Facebook or Instagram is called as digital marketing.

So, brands; new or old, use digital marketing to promote their products and services, it includes email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, social media, video or website-base option. If the brand is new it’s a crucial step to follow if the owner wants to make brand awareness. When people are aware of the brand, they can reach it easily.

Even if the brand is old, still it needs advertisement and promotion of products/services to increase their sales. In short, a business owner needs to use digital marketing if he wants his business to be successful.

For examples, you have established a new business, how will people reach you out if they don’t even know about the company? If you use digital marketing, millions of people can get connected to you through email, social media or other platforms. It’s a convenient and most comfortable way to reach millions of clients in a short time.

Types of Digital Marketing:

Following are the types of digital marketing for owners to use to promote their new or old products and services.

1)   Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization is a strategy which is used for the promotion of anything through websites by ranking the site to the top of google search. SEO includes the inserting of specific keywords through which the audience reach out to the website by searching those words. Ranking of the website is the key to drive more traffic to the site, which means more customers.

2)   Content Marketing:

Content marketing involves the promotion of the brand through posting contents. For example, posting different materials related to the brand on blogs will bring more customers and create brand awareness. It’s also practical to bring traffic and customers. For example, blog post and infographics.

3)   Social Media Marketing:

As the name indicated that it includes the promotion of products and services using social media platforms. It includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. Owners use these sources to drive massive traffic and increase their brand awareness.

4)   Pay per Click:

Pay per click means payment on every add clicked. It includes a method in which the owner pays the publisher when the ad of his brand is clicked on his site. Its includes google ads, paid ads on Facebook, and Twitter ads campaigns.

5)   Affiliate Marketing:

Business owners pay different website owners when they promote their services or products on their websites. For example, a website with already colossal traffic is the best way for affiliate marketing. Massive traffic means your business is advertised to that colossal traffic. It includes marketing by hosting video ads through the YouTube Partner program.

6)   Email Marketing:

Email marketing is also a source for promoting a brand. It consists of the sending emails which contain content about the product/service, new discounts or offers, links to connect with the official website of the brand. For example, blog subscription newsletter, customer welcome emails.

7)   Sponsored Content:

Brand owners are willing to pay other companies or any other body which promote their products and services through contents. It includes influencer marketing where the influencer on the demand of a brand’s owner publishes an advertisement which can be posts or video about the brand. So, many followers of that influencer can reach that brand.

For example, a blogger has huge traffic, many brand owners reach out to such bloggers and ask to post advertisements for their brand. The influencers get paid for promoting their products, and the owners get more customers.

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