Is Home T-Shirt Still In Business

Yes, The Home T Shirt company is still in business as of 2024. As of February 2022, the firm had yearly revenue of $2 million.

Despite not securing a deal on the show, The Home T has sustained its success, with an array of products and a loyal customer base supporting its growth.

Is Home T-Shirt Still In Business

The Home T-Shirt is a clothing brand that was featured on the television show Shark Tank. The company specializes in selling apparel and accessories featuring designs related to different U.S. states.

These designs often incorporate state outlines, symbols, or phrases associated with each state. The Home T-Shirt aims to evoke a sense of pride and nostalgia for customers’ home states or favorite places.

Founded by Ryan Shell, The Home T-Shirt gained attention for its unique concept and quickly attracted a customer base interested in expressing their love for their home state through fashion.

The company offers a wide range of products, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and accessories, each featuring designs tailored to specific states.

During its appearance on Shark Tank, The Home T-Shirt likely pitched its business model, growth potential, and unique selling proposition to the panel of investors (the “Sharks”) in hopes of securing investment and guidance to further expand its brand presence and reach.

Home T-Shirt Shark Tank Pitch

Ryan Shell, the founder of The Home T, appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $250,000 investment for 5% equity in his company, which was valued at $5 million.

Despite impressive financial numbers, including $1 million in gross revenue sales and a net profit of over $500,000, he did not secure a deal on the show.

The sharks raised concerns about the company’s valuation, long-term sustainability, and the ease of replication by competitors.

In the end, Ryan rejected offers from the sharks, including a $250,000 investment for 20% equity from Daymond John, leaving the tank without a deal.

After his appearance on Shark Tank, The Home T continued to thrive, offering not only home state t-shirts but also expanding its selection to include various designs like “Style and Grace,” “Chicken Butt,” “Girl Boss Queen Elizabeth II,” and more.

The company also introduced different series such as Family, Sport, Holiday, and Causes, allowing customers to customize their own t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters at affordable prices.

Despite the sharks’ concerns, Ryan Shell’s business has continued to grow and offer a wide range of products to its customers

Is Home T-Shirt Still In Business

Home T-Shirt Shark Tank Summary

Product The Home T Shirt – T-shirts with state designs and logos
Founder Ryan Shell
Company Origin Founded after Ryan moved from North Carolina to New York and missed his home state
Shark Tank Pitch Sought $250,000 for 5% stake, valuing company at $5 million
Sales at Time of Pitch $1.1 million in sales, $540,000 profit in first year
Marketing Strategy Primarily word-of-mouth, only $5,000 spent on Facebook ads
Sharks’ Concerns High valuation, inability to protect product from copycats, skepticism over word-of-mouth claims
Deal Offered Robert: $250k for 35%, Lori: $250k for 30%, Daymond: $250k for 20% (then rescinded)
Ryan’s Counter $400k for 10% equity stake
Outcome No deal made on Shark Tank
Current Status Still in operation as of 2022, $2 million annual revenue, expanded product line
Competitors Everlast T’s
Net Worth Valued at $5 million during pitch, sharks valued around $700k-$833k


Home T-Shirt Shark Tank Net Worth

As of my last update, the net worth of Home T-Shirt after appearing on Shark Tank was estimated to be $2 million. The valuation of The Home T was $5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank based on $250,000 for 5% stake asked. 

The valuation and financial status of a company can change over time due to various factors such as sales, investments, and expenses.

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